Hamilton Optical DO Sensor


Hamilton VisiWater DO Sensor from their site: The VisiWater DO sensors are intended for the measurement of dissolved oxygen (DO) in water application.

Typical applications are water analytics in waste water industry, lakes or rivers, fish farming. The statinless steel version has a PG 13.5 to be used in armatures or pipes, while the plastic version will be used in basin or ponds.


Install the dissolved oxygen sensor according to the User Manual.

Electrical Wiring

The Hamilton DO sensor can supply a 4-20mA signal or a modbus signal. This integration uses the Modbus signal into the ModLink LX-2 module.

Modbus RS-485 Wiring

Modbus wiring according to the operators manual places 4 of the 6 wires into the ModLINK LX-2 as follows.

  1. Brown +24vdc

  2. Green Ground

  3. Yellow Modbus A

  4. Gray Modbus B

The LX-2 is then wired to the HX8 8-port hub using Cat-5 cable and the adapter supplied with the LX-2.

We recommend adding dielectric grease to all Cat-5 connections to prevent corrosion in humid environments.

Modbus Configuration

Adding the Card to the HMI

Card Configuration